Zidan provokes Catalans; They are weaker without Lionel

Updated: September 24, 2016

Zinedine Zidane has chosen to change methodology in his announcements. Despite the fact that it is known as a man who maintains a strategic distance from contention and tries to transmit peacefulness, this time evacuating the “mantle” of the negotiator. He expressed that the Catalan adversaries are weaker without Lionel Messi, who will miss because of damage. In the mean time, additionally talked about Cristiano Ronaldo will be strange, or why Kasemiro is not generally important to set up …

Will roll out improvements after the amusement against lesser monsters, Villarreal?

It is important to deal with the players’ structure. Date-book is packed and some of the time turn into the record, contingent upon their execution. Be that as it may, twist can not be considered as the main arrangement. Would we be able to go to the field and play insightfully, not spend all energies.

It relies on upon how you can begin a meeting, in light of the fact that there are times that you need to rushed to the latest possible time. As it happened against lesser mammoths, Villarreal. Yet, there are situations where you can smoothly oversee the favorable position that you have made.

How critical is Kasemiro in your diversion?

In the first place, he is a quality player who should have more space at an awesome club like Real Madrid. In any case, it relies on upon how the rival plays that you confront. Kasemiro would believe was important when battles between two opponent groups and that is more forceful in hostile activities.

The assignment of changing a middle midfielder, the inverse may have a group that stands in its zone being secured for a hour and a half.

Benzema can be named as an undisputed starter?

Do we require every one of the players, since they are 60 amusements accessible. Benzema and Moratën, as well as for the youthful Mariano. He can play as a starter in a few diversions too. We have a complete set and matter. Karim has expanded his physical frame and can have the effect in the diversion.

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How is Kejlor Navas and Fabio Koentraos?

Kejlor be gathered. You said that it was matter of days his arrival. Fabio is being prepared typically, yet should not think little of the way that 5-6 months without playing.

A weaker Barcelona without Messi?

Yes. I don’t know how much weaker, yet it is.

Think trio Bale-Ronaldo-Benzema is not yet prepared to be in the lineup?

I see entirely well, in spite of the fact that there is opportunity to get better. Against lesser mammoths, Villarreal neglected to give what is normal in the primary half, however did not consider it to be an issue of hostile trio, yet the entire group. There are three exceptional players, who are notable to each other and can resolve the destiny of a meeting in a few ways.

Have you seen the photo of Filipe Luis Suarez after foul?

No. I won’t remark on these things. I need to converse with my group.

Ronaldo is the condition of being that has come to 31 years?

On the off chance that I have to converse with, I will get up no less than a half hour. He has an earnest inspiration is not ordinary. It requests that consistently move forward. There are enormous will and responsibility, which ought to take case from everybody. I don’t know when can drop his level, the way it trains …

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