Superpremio for Inter if he wins the title

Updated: September 23, 2016

Bury officially talked with stunning figures. Zhang Jindong not plan to diminish costs as Inter guaranteed to reestablish instantly the highest point of Italian football. After 270 Million occupants Euro spent to purchase 68.55% stake in the club Inter, additionally other Euro 72.5 million to get Milan and Brazilian Joao Gabigol Marion, Chinese gadgets head honcho, has put a premium from 7 to 10 million Euro for the group on the off chance that he figures out how to win the title Inter. After three triumphs in the last 3 matches of Serie A, this is a sufficiently reasonable sign that the new Chinese proprietors trust a number of the specialized staff and the players that are as of now accessible Inter.

To promote spur the last Zhang Jindong has almost a premium of 300 thousand euros for each head in triumph in the title occasion. This sum is double the Premios that Juventus will fill the coffers of the players if the Bianconeri figure out how to win another title that would champion the 6-let go progressively. Bury’s new proprietors have accommodated a number premiosh group if there should arise an occurrence of accomplishing the objectives in the association and Europa League. Another piece of information that Sunnig Group it won’t quit putting even in the years to Inter next numbers that will be spent in the exchange business sector will be higher. Zhang Jindong on top with the cash as of now won’t be an issue for Inter. Icardi with companions have one more motivation to reestablish the Nerazzurri group in Italian football best and not just.

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