Rebellion of bundesliga clubs, they want reform anti-bayern

Updated: September 21, 2016

Bayern is cruising many victorys not experienced any impediment and don’t perceive any opponent. Bayern the previous summer triumphed for the fourth continuous Bundesliga, breaking the record. This year they are proceeding with shade test gathered three wins and surrendered one and only objective.

Bayern Irrevocability Series and is making the Bundesliga as the Scottish association where just Celtic triumph. German masterminds need to by one means or another break this “attack” by the Bavarians and are attempting to figure out how to give a genuine opportunity to win the title of one of four groups sorted before the end of the season.

Previous President of the German League, Wolfgang Holchojzer has presented a task that in 2013, when moving to the Bundesliga title as ice hockey or ball in Germany. Change his “play-off” was scorned by German clubs, however now is back in the present issue.

“Play-off” with 4 groups

Previous Leverkusen manager and previous officer of 23 years close to the German alliance, Holchojzer postures comparable model to the Belgian title. He ideo two elimination rounds: First place confront the fourth place, while the second to the third. The two elimination round victors meet in the last pertinent and seal the title.

“I genuinely thought Bundesliga change and getting the real theme. Toward the end of the season, the initial four spots ought to go to the “play-off”. The strength of a solitary club is bad for rivalry amid the season. Dongs. This model was additionally great clubs to show signs of improvement association with supporters. Be that as it may, where the specimen is put in October, then where is interest here? “Said The previous leader of the German League, Wolfgang Holchojzer amid a meeting for” Kicker “.

It is realized that this change is being talked about between the League and the German organization. Supporting this thought is Dortmund mentor Thomas Tuhel. “Why not? You will be allowed to win the title of the nation’s second, third and fourth. Model ‘play-offs off’n not see brought. I’m exceptionally open to changes to the principles, “underlined Tuhel.

I was joined by previous President Frankfurt, Heribert Bruhagen. “In 2013. I took this change to giggle, however I see that it is crucial and fundamental. We have thought. In the past it was a bit much, that there were times that the title be settled on objective distinction a week ago. The change would convey more income to clubs, “said Bruhagen.

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