Raiola scares Milan, he wants millions for Donaruma

Updated: September 20, 2016

Gianluigi Donaruma has pulled back from him the entire sight of the greatest clubs in Europe. 17-year-old goalkeeper is a Supertalent, yet when you turn one of your directors assess knows more than any other person of his customer qualities, then it is anything but difficult to pick up the agreement of dreams.

Safeguard compelling Rossoneri secured by Mino Raiola, who has an agreement with Adriano Galliani for another agreement, from 1 million euros for every season, which has gone into power, yet lawfully will get to be authentic after the player turns 18 .

Italian laws don’t permit players under the age procure more than 200 thousand euros (counting charges), so this understanding is just an assention between the gatherings, since seeing that in summer Donarumën were intrigued Barcelona, ​​PSG and Manchester City, it is anything but difficult to apply the pay increment in the positions of the Rossoneri.

In any case, if Raiola and Galliani have achieved understanding in the background, with an agreement of 1 million euros net for every season until 2020, director Gianluigi Donarumës conveyed as of late in Italy with an unmistakable mission. Another agreement recharging and pay increment for his customer.

The way that the club will be in the property of the Chinese, who have promised just about 1.1 billion euros for the following three years (740 million euros for the buy of shares of Silvio Berlusconi and 350 million euro exchange market for the following three seasons), Raiola has extremely easy to put weight on the new administration. I

deja and request parefuzueshme that he anticipated that would make in any event uncovering the Italian media, is another redesign contract, with termination in 2022, in addition to a compensation that will keep running from 1 to 2 million euros net for every year, generally the player has entryways open side of the landmass too expansive. With their down to the wire, most likely Chinese pioneers are relied upon to concur, in spite of the fact that everything will be formalized in mid 2017.

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