Man United target is so powerful his club have to take drastic kit action

Updated: March 7, 2016

Injuries are a pain. Literally, of course. But when it comes to professional footballers, the problem isn’t so much the pain as they annoyance. Couple the pain with the time spent watching from the sidelines as well as the frustration at not being able to do the thing you love for weeks at a time and you start to get the picture a little more.

When Danny Welbeck came back from a year-long absence, Arsene Wenger mused that one year out is like ten years for a footballer, such is the brevity of their careers.

The likes of Gareth Bale and Sergio Aguero seem to suffer niggling muscle injuries on an alarmingly regular basis, and their frustration at the situation is understandable. So when Gareth Bale, a reported Manchester United target, appears to cut holes in his socks in order to save him from calf injuries, you do feel sorry for him.

That attempt at staving off the niggles that keep him out for a few weeks every few months. You can imagine him, in despair and desperation, rummaging through the utensil drawer for a pair of scissors just to cut a little knick in the sock at just the right position to relieve some pressure on his hulked-out, bulging calves.

Are the socks that tight? Can’t Real Madrid – perhaps as part of their spanking-new £1bn kit deal – persuade Adidas to give the stricken Gareth some slightly bigger socks, or come up with some way of dealing with his crocked calves? Surely they can do something to stop the poor man from having to tear his house up for a pair of scissors in a stressed pre-game frenzy. Poor man.

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