“J Village” presents the new center of Juventus

Updated: September 14, 2016

Four goliath fields, office, inn, school, wellbeing focus, exercise center, swimming pool … all in one spot. The new preparing focus is Juventus being manufactured only 500 meters from Juventus Stadium.

“Town” goliath gradually coming to fruition and is required to be prepared before one year from now’s over.

Notwithstanding little groups, an uncommon consideration is paid to Team B, a venture for which the Turin club has reliably advance the Italian soccer league.

While the second title groups anticipated that would turn into a reality inside the following 2-3 seasons, Juventus is setting up the ground by making exceptional situations for the champions without bounds, without meddling in their work from the main group yet disregarding the same earth assimilated the same air as the colossal champions.

Named the initials JTC (Juventus Training Center), focus ultramodern will landscapes preparing for all groups, workplaces and specialized staff and medicinal space to view video, rub focus and treatment and in addition a pool that will serve for performing run of the mill restoration works out, as well as to penetrate in water.

In the exercise center with the most recent hardware will be set a goliath glass online visits specifically from the “Juventus Stadium”, where longs for some present and imminent players are relied upon to end up reality …

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