Bayern wins lackluster, Dortmund plays tennis again

Updated: September 19, 2016

Bayern kept on culminating the begin of the season in Germany, winning a third continuous meeting in the Bundesliga. In spite of the fact that Ancelotti’s group confronted some unanticipated trouble to Ingolshtad, he figured out how to take three focuses in this duel.

The visitors led the pack Lekzano that in the primary minutes, yet Bayern leveled soon Levandovskin everything. Ancelotti’s side’s leeway came exactly toward the start of the second half however it ought to be noticed that it took more Neuer after intercession to spare the outcome. Rafinjas objective in the last moment guaranteed the score for Bayern, while Ancelotti advised correspondents did not dither to announce that “it was difficult to constantly played excellent football.”

In the interim, Borussia Dortmund is fun against Darmstadt, despite the fact that the positions of the squad needed Obamejang and Gecen holders. In the wake of winning 6-0 in the Champions League against Legias, Tushel group won with the same score in the association demonstrating that he had abandoned misfortune to Leipzig.

Third Week

Bayern Munich 3-1 Ingolshtad

12 ‘Lewandowski 50’ Alonso Cabin, 84 ‘Rafina/8’ Lezkano

Borussia Dortmund 6-0 Darmstadt

7 ‘, 78’ Castro 48 ‘Ramos 54’ Pulisiç, 84 ‘Rode, 88’ Mor

Hamburg-RB Leipzig 0-4

66 ‘(p) Forsberg, 72’, 77 ‘Verner, 90’ Selke

Hofenhaim-Wolfsburg 0-0

Aintraht Frankfurt 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen

53 ‘Maier, 79’ Fabian/60 ‘Hernández

Borussia Mynshengladbah-Werder Bremen 4-1

11 ‘, 17’ Hazard, 21 ‘(p) 41’ Rafael/73 ‘Gnabri

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