Balotelli does not stop, another brace brings Nice on the top

Updated: September 22, 2016

It considered just as a showcasing move and without much future, however Mario Balotelli back to Nica is pivotal that player a couple of years prior. After two objectives scored against Olympique Marseille in the presentation coordinate, the Italian striker has likewise yet another support, again against an incredible group, in his second match.

This time, the casualty was Monaco, a group that plays in the Champions League and that is made out of numerous well known stars. Balotelli scored the second and third of this duel finished with the digits 4-0 for his group, while giving other group three focuses which is by the leader of the French football title.

Four objectives in only two diversions. Presently all fans properly solicit: Is this the arrival from Balotelli?

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