100 million euros for Griezman, Arsenal is one of the contenders

Updated: September 20, 2016

Arms stockpile club is prepared to pay 100 million euros to secure the mark of Antoine Griezman in January, in spite of the fact that the last presently likes to proceed in Spain and is not enticed by PSG’s millions.

Lately, the British media reported that Chelsea and Manchester United were prepared to spend such a figure for French striker, a great deal of which is the means by which to break the agreement condition that he has marked with the Spanish club. “Day by day Star” has added today to the rundown the Arsenal group that hunting down a reinforcing of the propelled unit.

Yet, the player has dismisses each offer and needs to stay under the requests of Simeone, persuaded that the last can give an expert development and titles. In the mean time, pioneers Atletico Madrid have made known my dad, who is likewise the supervisor of the player they are prepared to start transactions for the restoration and change of the money related states of his agreement. It predicts an expansion of the takeoff statement, as officially numerous clubs who can pay without issue 100 million euros of the present provision.

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